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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Family Feud (Pt. 2)

Since I posted the first part of the Family Feud series (Pt. 1) many "dogfighting busts" have taken place, and at least one case (The Patrick Case) has run it's course; and it could not have come to an end at a more flammable time.

Note: there were many defendants in The Patrick Case: Pat Patrick and Emily Dennis were acquitted, at least one defendant took a plea-bargain, and the other defendants are still wrapped-up in court.

In the first installment of Family Feud, I gave a brief description of the two main points of view with concerns to the Boudreux Case, which, for the most part, represents the situation as a whole.

I cite this scenario because, like the Patrick Case, it caused many to "choose sides."

That is, these types of cases have caused some to become weary of the HSUS (and similar groups)


caused others to feel that justice has not been served in some of the cases brought against these "dogmen."

(See Part 1 for the complete run-down of these camps.)

I feel that I need to note that the mis-trust of the HSUS is not limited to the Pit bull fancy. In fact, there are many interests that take issue with the organization.

For the most part, the folks that take issue with the HSUS investigating dog fighting claim that the organization is only looking to eradicate the breed.

This argument is based heavily on the belief that the HSUS is an animal rights group at heart and is using the Pit bull community as the spring board to chip away at animal ownership.

So when it comes to "busting" dog breeders like Patrick and Boudreux, both of whom have well documented histories in dog fighting, it is believed the HSUS is going after easy targets. And for two reasons: 1) to show it's effectiveness in taking on dog fighters, and thus vindicating it's relevance and tactics and 2) fund raising.

Ultimately, this argument rests on the fact that neither Patrick or Boudreux were actually caught fighting dogs while being investigated, but were still arrested and their dogs killed.

The other side of the coin feels that justice is not served when Pat Patrick, and others that are known to have been involved in dog fighting, are found innocent.

This argument is based on Patrick's past in which he was a well known dog fighter and breeder of fighting dogs. Moreover, Patrick maintained an internet presence claiming to breed to top notch fighting dogs, and will note that selling dogs for dog fighting purposes is illegal.

This contingent will also cite the great number of dogs that were confiscated from Patrick's yard as evidence of his being "no good."

In closing, I acknowledge that both arguments are more nuanced than the brief summaries I provided.

I'll explore the issue further in future posts, and will provide a personal evaluation of the situation.

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