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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Burque Babes & Bullies

For some damn reason, I have yet to give the Burque Babes a mention on this blog. Don't know why I forgot to do this for so long, I see lead Babe, Kassie Brown, every week or so.

A smarter person may have remembered to show them some love a good while ago...thankfully, some say late is better than never.

Long story short, the Burque Babes Crew put together a very cool Calender for 2009. Now I know that we're a good 30 days into 2009, but it doesn't mean that it's too late to buy one of these things.

And if the lovely ladies in the pics aren't enough motivation (and I'm not sure how that could be), and the cutie-pie dogs don't do it for you either....how bout this:

100%(yes, one.hundred.percent.) of the profits go to help out, RAAP, a local pit bull advocacy group. RAAP (Responsibly Adopting Albuquerque's Pit bulls), is always in need of your hard earned dollars - running puppy socialization classes, printing out promotional materials and buying doggie supplies is not cheap.

And if a 2009 calender isn't what you're looking for, not too worry, the girls have got you covered, there is plenty of other cool stuff at their Cafe Press store.

So if you got a few extra bucks, and helping an Albuquerque crew of pit bull advocates keep their programs on the road seems like a good thing - plus you enjoy knowing what day of the week it is - please stop by the BB&B site to make your purchase.
It will be appreciated.


  1. Cool site, great graphics. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Yeah, this group has really been a force for RAAP in the last year. To say they've been "tireless and dedicated" would be an understatement...just wish I would've given them a post a few months ago. D'oh!(insert embarrassed face)

  3. Is this still a running site? I am the membership director for Babes and Bullies and our new calendar has been released. Party at Hotel Andaluze on Saturday December 4th at 8 if you all can make it! Love your bullies!

  4. so my issue is my Pit and her pups my husband was mauled and i was bit today by her im not sure what im suppose to do but im ready to call tha pound help plz asap

  5. Just checking in here and thought this was a good idea. I wish this blog was still up to date! I adopted a pit rescue in Albuquerque a year ago and love love love her!


100% of the profits are used to support RAAP programs

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In short, I find many pit bulls to posses the qualities that I value in a canine companion: great with friendly people, loyal, goofy, energetic, athletic, intelligent, and willing. To be sure, the run-of-the-mill pit bull is a lot of dog. It is all of these qualities in a medium-sized dog that has me so taken by pit bulls.

Alas, there are many aspects of pit bull ownership that are less enjoyable. Namely, dealing with the many negative stereotypes, and the constant battle to balance the mis-information provided by the breed's detractors.
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