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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey, Lady...

I got home about an hour ago, after spending the afternoon out -and-about with Lulu. We had a blast at our favorite off-lead spot: a couple games of fetch and some training (her "heel" and "sit" are AWESOME, btw).

And then, for old times sake, I thought I would take Lulu to a local golf course where many take their dogs to run on the greens. While Coco and I have logged countless hours walking the golf course, Lulu had never been.

While walking aroung the place, I remember why I stopped taking Coco, and why I had never taken Lulu: it's too crowded in the evenings and very few people have control of their dogs.

Now, don't get me wrong, this place works well for LOTS of people and their dogs but it's just not a good fit for me and my crew....and I was reminded of this tonight, and in a big way.

If a walk around a 9 hole golf course crowded with loose (albeit generally social), no-recall having dogs (and owners that see no problem with letting their dogs run up to unfamiliar animals) doesn't seem so bad, you're right, it's not so bad...but wait till you get a load of this:

So, while heading back to the car with Lulu, a woman and her dog are headed in our general direction. When I am close enough, I offer up a greeting: "Hey, how you doing?" What do I get in return?:

"that dog is starving!"

I reply: "why would you say that?"

Some lady: "Well, look at her!"

Me: "She's not starving."

Some lady: "You can see her ribs, and you're not supposed to see that!"

Me: "I'm sorry, now where is it that you got your Veterinarian's Degree?"

Some lady: "Ohhh, O.K...C'mon [dog's name], get away from him, he's obviously out of his f**kin' gourd."

Me: [nothing.]

Is the dog thin? Yes.
Is she starving? No.
Does she receive an appropriate amount of food (and treats) through the day? Absolutely.

So why is she thin? Because she gets a fair amount of vigorous exercises, she is not over-fed, and she's a growing puppy.

The aspect of this whole thing that really gets me fired-up is not that someone commented about my dog's weight, but the manner in which this woman did so.

I would've answered any question this woman had about Lulu or her feeding regimens. Would've had no issue spending 5-10 minutes talking about Lulu's "lifestyle."

But there's the rub:

She didn't ask one question...she was all statements and diagnosis.

And then, when pressed for her credentials she really showed her true colors.

Lady, whoever you are, thanks for ruining my evening.


  1. Lemme guess. Her dog was not 'starving' and neither was she.

  2. No, her dog was not "starving" at all. But in all fairness, her dog was not obese either, nor was she...just one more example of a know-it-all called out and retreating like a coward.

    I wasn't rude, and I certainly didn't raise my voice - hell, I wasn't even bothered till she cursed at me. This could've easily've led to a conversation. But Selma, you know these types don't want to "talk" they just want to tell.


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