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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two of a Kind

After months of speculation on what will become of Micheal Vick upon leaving prison, one thing is clear: he's already got a contract.

The HSUS signed him.

Now, I'm pretty sure there weren't any signing bonuses and the dollar amount is probably scandalous - as I trust this is a volunteer position. But nonetheless, the Vick brand is still in play.

Honestly, I am not surprised or bothered by this move. But here are some words on the matter:
"In Bed with Monsters."

Hopefully, Micheal Vick can use his story to help deter dogfighting.

And hopefully, the HSUS will continue to be exposed as an opportunistic fundraising animal rights group that in-fact does very little good for Pit bulls, and animals in general.

The sad part about the whole mess is that I struggle to give any validity to the HSUS' attempts to battle dogfighting, and the same goes for Mike Vick.


In short, I believe they're both using dogfighting as a vehicle to get what they want:

the HSUS wants animal rights legislation in which they can shape to their agenda, which is to say nothing about the questionable fundraising campaigns based on their anti-dogfighting program;


Mike Vick wants his NFL career back.

It's pretty simple, really.

So here's the irony: will Micheal Vick and the HSUS ultimately share the same trajectory? And for the similar reasons?

Think about.

After years of elitist and deceiving rhetoric, the HSUS has seen better days, and while Vick's fall may have come damn near overnight, Wane & Co. continue to make one blunder after another, which at some point will lead to their downfall.

It's to the point where folks are taking notice, and it's not just Pit bull people and farmers anymore.

No, their core audience is noticing as well.

Again, think about it. The information is out there. Do some reading on the two parties, and the similarities will become apparent.

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The HSUS attempted to fund raise for the care of Micheal Vick's dogs, while at the same time suggesting that the dogs needed to be killed.

And to add insult to injury, they weren't even planning on taking possesion of the dogs.

Contact the HSUS and tell them this is unacceptable!