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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Check this out!

These videos are from a group of Brazilians that operate under the moniker, "SPA Dogs." Weight pull, Long Jump, Vertical Jump, and (my favorite) Vertical Climb seem to be a staple at their events. (I threw in the tree climbing video just for fun.) I believe these competitions are common throughout South and Latin America; which makes me wonder if there are any groups in North America hosting this kind of stuff? If anyone has any information on Americans or Canadians putting on these events, please contact me at nobslnm@yahoo.com.

That said, I have made it known to my pit bull friends that I would like to get these types of events going in my neck of the woods; fortunately, I have a young pup coming up that should do just fine in all of it . As to be expected, I have had several friends offer their concern about these events sending the wrong message. Meaning, some will go away with the wrong idea about pit bulls from seeing them compete in springpole/gripping events. In my estimation, these are fair concerns. However, I have never been one to shy away from the fact that pit bulls are at their essence "gripping dogs."

The concerns that would arise from uneducated and confused observers could be dealt with very easily. In the grand scheme of things, these types of events are great venues for educating the public about our dogs and why they excel at things like weight pulling and vertical climbs - something that is badly needed in the US and Canada.

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