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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Cool For School!

This endearing story comes to us from the great state of South Carolina:

Brian Harvey, a social studies teacher at Southside, said the group of students notified him of a recent attempt to get Scranton town officials to consider banning pit bulls.

In February, Ernestine Haselden, a Scranton resident, asked town officials to consider a ban on “pit bull-type dogs.” She also is scheduled to speak to council Thursday.

The student group has put together a presentation on why the legislation is wrong, how it violates one’s rights, how it’s inhumane and the cost to enforce it.

Harvey said the students have updated the information to include more research on failed attempts to pass breed-specific legislation across the country. The presentation includes ways to prevent that type of legislation.

Instead of banning certain breeds of dogs, the students propose implementing canine safety education programs in schools and offering responsible canine ownership classes to pet owners.

Certainly, I send my appreciation to this group of students. But I also hope this story causes a moment of pause for those that feel the youth of this nation are not involved in their communities and are self-serving little brats; clearly, this is not always the case.

My hat goes off to Mr. Harvey and this group of Southside Students.


  1. Great news! See, legislators? The kids 'get it', so why can't you?


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